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Registration, Whats Up Workshops - China, Mexico and Brazil 14.10.2014
Whats Up Workshops - China, Mexico and Brazil
What’s up workshops are market area-specific forums of strategic discussion for participants interested in developing and expanding their international activities and operations in maritime, metal, offshore, and infrastructure construction industries. The overarching objective of the workshops is to increase and boost cooperation and collaboration in the spirit of Team Finland, thereby reaching a critical mass of means and measures enabling Finland to gain foothold and visibility in particular geographic market areas in a coherent and focused manner. Market area-specific needs of companies as well as measures that will be taken and implemented are assessed and decided together with workshop participants. The goal is to enable and empower Finnish companies to identify and access business opportunities in new market areas.

The first set of What’s up workshops centring on markets in Norway, France and Russia was organised in June 2014. The second set of workshops focuses on Chinese, Mexican and Brazilian markets, and is organised in Turku in October 2014.

Participation in the workshops is free of charge. However, registration is mandatory.

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Whats Up Workshop Brazil
Whats Up Workshop Mexico
Whats Up Workshop China
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